Supalai (Equity)

Since 2013, Gersh has exclusively represented Supalai Public Company Limited (Supalai) in Australia, facilitating Joint Ventures which have delivered over 5500 dwellings to date.

Established in 1989, Supalai is a leading real estate development company listed on the Thai stock exchange, with market capitalisation of around AU$2b.
Typically, Supalai partners with well credentialled Australian counterparties operating in the residential sector. Current partners include Mirvac, Stockland, Peet, Moremac, ICD and Satterley.

In 2023, Supalai expects to develop and settle in the order of 15,000 dwellings across circa 200 going concern projects, including conventional greenfield land estates (where it builds out all of its sold housing stock rather than delivering just unimproved land lots) as well as mid and high rise apartment complexes in Bangkok and major provincial Thai cities.

At its heart, Supalai is a residential developer –it intimately understands the business, level of investment required, project duration and associated risks of residential development as well as joint venture partnering.

Since our relationship started in mid 2013, Supalai has invested, with our assistance, in twelve going concern residential development joint ventures throughout Australia, eight of which are situated in Greater Melbourne (including Geelong), two in metropolitan Brisbane and two in metropolitan Perth.

To date, the total cash equity investment via Supalai’s wholly owned Australian corporate entity, Supalai Australia Holdings Pty Ltd, into these twelve joint ventures is in the order of AU$385 million.